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What are the best science fair project ideas youíve ever seen?

There are a lot of great science fair project ideas, and the best ideas are your ideas.

Be original!

Teachers and judges have already seen a 3rd grade science fair project with a volcano using baking soda and vinegar.

They donít want to see another 5th grade science fair with a bulletin board wired to light up if you answer a question correctly...

... and please donít pour vinegar on plants to study the effects of acid rain!

Some kids science fair ideas involve pouring vinegar on plants.

Don't do it! It is not a great example of a science fair project.

So what do teachers and judges want to see?

They want to see that you have creativity and passion.

The best ideas are your ideas!

How can I come up with my own idea for a science fair project?

Start by asking yourself a few questions, or better yet, print these questions, and talk with someone else about them.

You can focus on topics you like:

  • What are your favorite scientific topics?
  • What did you like about each?
  • What new questions can you think of about these topics?

Or Focus on experiments and projects:

  • What have been your favorite science projects or experiments?
  • What did you like about each?
  • What new questions does each experiment raise?

Or you can get ideas from the news:

Here are some recent news stories that with some new ideas for science fair projects.

To see how this works, letís look at some examples of science fair projects:

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