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Need a science tutor?

Over the years, I've worked a lot as a science tutor.

I know about face-to-face tutoring. If you are looking for an on-line tutor, try:

25 minute free trial of on demand tutoring in any subject at Tutor.com.

Assuming you want face-to-face tutoring, the most important part of the tutor-student relationship is the relationship.

There are four key relationships that need to work for you to have a great tutoring experience.

The Tutor and the student:

Invite the student to join in the interview process. Many young people don't want a tutor. By letting them help choose their tutor, they will take more ownership of the outcome.

The Tutor and the parents:

Be clear with the tutor about what you are hoping to achieve through tutoring. I have heard everything from "I want my son to feel better about himself in math," to "I just don't want her to have to do summer school."

Provide a quiet place for tutoring. If there are noisy siblings or other unavoidable distractions at home, consider having the tutoring sessions at school or at a library.

The Student and the parents:

The parents need to support the tutoring process with more than their money. Talk with the student about tutoring, and, if the child's performance is improving, be sure to let them know how happy you are with their improvement.

The Tutor and the Teacher:

This relationship can help a student's performance in class immensely. One time, I got such a good sense of the teacher's approach to the subject that some of the exact practice problems I gave the student showed up on the test.

Most tutors will be happy to call or email the student's teacher. But you should consider paying them to go to school, and meet with the teacher.

Never hire a tutor for my child without getting a reference first.

Angie’s List is a great place to shop for tutors locally, and it includes reviews from local clients. It also have reviews for other service providers, like mechanics, dentists, or a general contractor for your home.

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