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Science Current Events

Science current events can offer great inspiration for your science fair projects.

Look through the newspaper and ask yourself, "Can I think of an experiment that I could do that might either confirm or disprove this hypothesis?" or "Does this experiment give me any ideas for similar experiments?"

Teachers and judges love it when you come up with original ideas, and they know that you won't find current events in a library book.


If you don't have your own ideas, use these science current events:


Dog Behavior Experiment: An experiment reported in the June 2, 2009 New York Times suggests that animals have feelings that we can monitor using brain scans. Although it is impossible to use a brain scan as part of a science fair project, this suggests a simple experiment you can do on dog behavior.

How many Bacteria live on the Skin? The May 23 issue of the Journal Science reports that about 1000 different species of bacteria are found to live on the human skin. Although it would be very difficult to repeat this experiment, it is very easy to figure our how many different bacteria live on different parts of the skin. The link includes safety advise.

Math: The Eyes Have It: Research in the May 8, 2009 issue of Science reports that brain regions associated with eye movement are active when we do mental math. But they never looked at whether or not people's eyes actually move! This creates a great opportunity to do a very simple and original science fair project based on current scientific research.

Do affirmations help grades? The April 17 issue of the Journal Science published an article indicating that writing about your deeply held values improves grades. You could easily develop experiments to see if this is true for you and your classmates.

Is ADHD sometimes beneficial?
A study conducted in Kenya finds that a gene linked with ADHD is beneficial among Nomads but harmful among settled people.

This suggests that there may be other benefits linked with ADHD. A great science fair project would involve finding if kids with ADHD are better than their peers at certain activities, like sports or video games.

Physicists Explain Mentos Soda Eruptions. It turns out that it's physics, not chemistry. Show your teacher the paper which was published in New Scientist, and maybe he or she will let you do it for your science fair project.

Memory and Decision Making. This lovely experiment show that when we put a strain on our memory it affects our ability to good decisions. Although it was originally conducted by professional psychologists, kids could do it too.


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