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Overcoming Math Anxiety

Overcoming Math Anxiety

The key to overcoming math anxiety isn't hiring a math tutor. A good math tutor can help a fill in the gaps once the anxiety is dealt with...

... but most math tutors were very good at math when they were young, and are baffled by math anxiety.

(And they cost a lot. Even a college kid is likely to charge around $15/hour. If you use the tutor for just three months, it will cost you around $200! Plus, they probably won't be able to solve the problem!)

So if tutoring isn't the solution, what is?

You could try a psychologist, but they cost more than tutors.

I strongly recommend using Panic Away which I have used successfully with many of my tutoring clients.

Learn more about Overcoming Math Anxiety with Panic Away.

Danny's Story

I first bought Panic Away after one of my tutoring clients (who I'll call "Danny") was unable to finish a test on ratios.

When he is calm, Danny is quite good at math. We had worked on the material a lot, and in our tutoring sessions, he had done problems much harder than the ones that were on the test.

Yet, during the test, he got hit by math anxiety. He floundered on one (very) easy problem, got more nervous on the next, and eventually had a full-blown panic attack. He didn't finish the test.

That night, I called his parents to see how the test had gone, and I learned about the panic attack. After doing some research for a few hours, I decided to try Panic Away.

It was amazingly good at overcoming math anxiety. The system is designed to deal with panic attacks. But it stops Panic Attacks before they start, and it has special material on dealing with anxiety.

Panic Away claims that their methods will stop Panic Attacks immediately. (I don't know, this may be true.) But low-grade anxiety is chonic; it took a few weeks to overcome Danny's math anxiety.

During the spring, his work improved, and at the end of the school year, we had a meeting with his Math Teacher...

...Summer just started. His parents are hiring me to work with him twice a week, so he can skip a grade in math, and start algebra in seventh grade!

Two months ago, he freaked out when asked to decide which of three boxes of cereal was the best deal, and now he is skipping a grade!

Since then, I have used the techniques in Panic Away with all of my clients who suffer from Math Anxiety. I won't say that all my clients are skipping a grade, but they are all doing much better at math. If you or your child has Math Anxiety, you should definitely check it out.

In addition to an e-book, the program comes with Video Presentations, two audio presentations, and unlimited on-line coaching from the Program's creator. I have never used the coaching or the audios, so I can't speak to their quality. The videos and the e-book are excellent.

Panic Away comes with a 60-day, No-Questions-Asked Guarantee.
You risk nothing.
Learn more.

(If your child is in high school, they can probably use the materials themselves. With younger children, you will want to guide them through the process.)

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