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5th Grade Science Projects

5th grade science projects should look at the connections between fields of science.

5th graders often study general science. There well often be a short unit on chemistry, followed by a short unit on physics, followed by a short unit on.....

....you get the idea.

But science is not just a collection of separate disciplines. Nuclear physics is related to solar science, which is related to climatology and oceanography, which are related to biology and ecology....

Look for fifth grade science projects that unite scientific disciplines.

Fifth graders sometimes participate in science fairs for the first time. If youíre looking for 5th grade science fair projects, you can modify some of the great ideas below, or visit this page.

Oobleck: Making Observation and Describing Properties: Why do so many teachers start the year with Oobleck?

Itís easy and fun, and it offers an opportunity to discuss important aspects of science such as making observations and describing properties.

Forensic Science:
Setting up a crime scene is a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Visit this page to learn more about forensic science for kids.

Solar System Science Project: This project allows older children to use their maturing research skills, and then use their child-like imagination to present what they've learned in a creative and fun way.

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